Toshiba 65HT2U review

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Toshiba 65HT2U review

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Toshiba 65HT2U 65-Inch 1080p 120Hz LCD TV (Black) review

Featuring an all-new design, the 65″ HT2U LCD HDTV is a value-packed bigscreen TV that looks great in any living room, family room or home theater setting.Enjoy the latest exclusive Toshiba technologies for superior picture quality advanced picture settings tailored for movies and games; and ClearFrame™ 120Hz antiblur technology for better fast-action sports and movies. Gaming Mode reduces frame delays between the display and controller and provides a timer that lets you set playing limits.When time’s up (30-120 minutes), the TV locks out the input source for the video game.

The HT2U LCD HDTV delivers 1080p Full HD resolution in an enormous 65″ diagonal display — more than standard HD, and the finest mainstream HD picture quality available.Skin tones, textures and landscapes seem all too real.Shadows are deeper and richer.Colors pop and highlights come alive.This TV also offers DynaLight® Dynamic Backlight Control, which utilizes advanced technology to monitor the brightness of each video frame and automatically adjust backlight intensity based on what’s being shown. This provides better control, and creates higher dynamic contrast. The result is a powerful picture with deeper blacks and enhanced grayscale for increased image details.

It comes with ClearFrame™ 120Hz technology which doubles standard frame rates to create a 120Hz effect that reduces any blurring caused by high-speed video. Using advanced computer processing, itimproves picture clarity without impacting brightness or adding flicker. Fast-action movies or sports look awesome.

Offering a full jack pack of connections, this TV makes it easy to plug in other devices.Use HDMI® with CEC to tie in other like-equipped components, and run the whole show with a single remote control. Give slideshows and enjoy your favorite music through a USB port.Turn your TV into a bigscreen monitor with an HD PC input or discover enhanced color purity and image detail with ColorStream® HD component video outputs.

A series of preset Picture Modes with color, contrast and other settings tuned for different video content are instantly available from the remote. The Sports or Dynamic Mode produces a bright and dynamic picture with high contrast.Switching from sports to movie, the Movie Mode lowers the contrast for a darkened room. The PC Mode is ideal for viewing documents and tables. And for complete control, your personal picture quality preferences in Picture Mode can be saved for instant access. Read more..

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  • Built-in Subwoofer
  • Sleep Timer

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