Toshiba 50L5200U review

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Toshiba 50L5200U review

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Toshiba 50L5200U 50-Inch 1080p 120Hz LED TV (Black) review

Get more big screen performance than you bargained for.Step up to Toshiba’s L5200U LED HD television, offering the best image quality in a large-screen TV, and the finest entertainment value for your money.

Energy-efficient LED backlighting offers bright, sharp images and supports our stylish, thin-bezel Aero™ design. ClearFrame™ 120Hz technology doubles normal frame rates for blur-busting, fast-action sports and video.The L5200U has a special Gaming Mode that reduces frame delays between the display and controller, and includes a timer that lets parents set playing limits for their kids.

The L5200U delivers the best resolution you can get 1080p Full HD.With a pixel count more than double that of even a standard 720p HD set, this TV serves up spectacular movies, games, slide shows and more.Its innovative LED engineering drives a slim, eye-catching design that looks great anywhere.DynaLight® Dynamic Backlight Control uses advanced technology to monitor the brightness of each frame and automatically tweak backlighting, based on what’s being shown, for mega-contrast and deep blacks that deliver increased detail and incredible depth.And our ClearFrame™ 120Hz technology doubles normal frame to take the blur out of fast-action sports and video.

Audyssey Premium Television™ is an advanced suite of audio technologies that includes Audyssey EQ®, ABX and Dynamic Volume.Audyssey EQ optimizes the sound quality based on the speaker enclosure and room acoustics for clear, accurate and natural sound right out of the box. Audyssey ABX uses sophisticated driver analysis and low-frequency monitoring so you can enjoy deeper bass.And Audyssey Dynamic Volume® automatically adjusts volume for a consistent sound level between tv programs, commercials and movies.Working together these technologies deliver a better translation of the audio content and make the television experience sound closer to the original.

Get ready to enjoy extra flexibility for fine-tuning your picture, without paying extra.That includes ColorMaster for complete hue, saturation and brightness adjustments, automatic dynamic contrast control, and CableClear®, which lets you reduce broadcast interference in your TV picture.

The L5200U comes with a full jack pack that includes a total of five HD connections: three HDMI® ports for hooking up external speakers or working with an AV receiver; a high-def PC port for sharing stuff from your laptop; a ColorStream® HD component connection; and a USB port for enjoying slideshows, photos and music from a USB stick. Read more..

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