Sony 60W610B review

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Sony 60W610B review

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Sony 60W610B 60" 1080p 120Hz LED HDTV

Color, clarity & detail at their best w/ X-RealityTM PRO. Experience precise motion clarity w/ Motionflow XR 480. Wedge TV w/ bigger speakers for enhanced sound. Play PlayStation 3 games streamed directly to your TV. HD wireless streaming w/ quick access to apps & videos. Social Viewing – follow tweets and watch TV all at once. Photo Share – enjoy sharing photos between TV & smartphones or tablets. Specifications PlayStation Now ready – PS3 gaming Color, clarity & detail at their best Suddenly, everything looks better. All of your existing sports, TV shows and movies are upscaled to super clear quality. Even YouTube clips and smartphone videos are enhanced with stunning results. The X-Reality PRO picture engine analyzes and processes every image to refine color, clarity and detail for a beautifully natural picture. Experience precise motion clarity Golf balls roll clearly, with less blurring, as the camera follows them across the green. Footballs retain their detail and move smoothly as the camera quickly pans down the field during kickoff. Even fast moving action sequences like fight scenes appear amazingly realistic since Motionflow XR 480 takes motion clarity beyond refresh rates, which are only measured in Hz, to double the motion effect for lifelike clarity. Discover contents Discover a faster way to watch TV channels, recommended videos, photos on your network, or even Internet content like YouTube, Crackle, or Video Unlimited with one push of the Discovery button. HD wireless streaming Wirelessly stream beautiful, HD entertainment straight from the Internet or your home network using built-in Wi-Fi connectivity with ease. Open the door to the endless entertainment of the Sony Entertainment Network, where thousands of movies, TV shows, online videos, games and music are always on tap. By connecting to the Internet you can access Full 1080p HD entertainment, 3D content and made-for-TV apps like Netflix, Pandora, YouTube, and more. Read more..

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  • Model Number: 60W610B

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