Haier HLC24XK2 review

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Haier HLC24XK2 review

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Haier HLC24XK2 Black 24-Inch 1080p LCD HDTV DVD Combo K Series review

When space is an issue, the HLC24XK2 LCD TV combo by Haier is your answer.The high gloss cabinet provides an elegant modern design that will dress up any room.The built-in DVD player offers space-saving value by bundling two devices into one and eliminating the clutter of unsightly wires.You will enjoy a crisp display with 1080p and fast response time which displays full-motion, fast-moving video without any blur.Enjoy the SRS TruSurround XT Sound with sound leveler and distortion control which provides exceptional sound without the bulkiness of home theater speakers.The HLC24XK2 has a component video input and an HDMI input which provides a simple solution for high quality audio and video input.The USB input can be used for video, audio and digital pictures.Use the USB TimeShift to pause live TV.Included with the TV is a full function remote control and tilt stand.

K-Series HDTV/DVD Combo Fits Anywhere

The Haier K-Series LCD HDTV/DVD combos have everything you want in a TV for any room in the house.  The TV cabinet has a high gloss piano black finish for a smooth, stylish look that frames this TV perfectly.  HDTV makes colors brighter and images bolder.  In addition, Sound Chamber with SRS TruSurround XT technology gives any movie a live-performance quality that draws you in. 


One of the new technologies available in 2010 is Haier’s USB Time Shift function.  This exciting addition allows users to have complete control of their viewing experience.  Pause, rewind, or fast-forward the program you are watching.  Simply connect a USB drive to the USB input – different size USB memory will give you different time-length to playback.  Easily pause your program to get a snack, fast forward through commercials and press play.




SRS TruSurround XT solves the problem of playing 5.1 or 6.1 multi-channel content over two speakers on your TV.  When receiving multi-channel content, TruSurround XT virtualizes the channels, creating “phantom” speakers that appear to extend all around the listener.  In addition, when receiving mono or stereo content, TruSurround XT creates an expansive three-dimensional sound field.


The ergonomically designed remote sits comfortably in your hand.  With easy to read buttons and simple navigation, operation is a snap.  Play, rewind, fast-forward and skip through your USB Time Shift with the same remote you use to change the channel and volume levels. Read more..

Haier HLC24XK2 Black specs:

  • Brand Name: Haier
  • Model Number: HLC24XK2

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