Epson EX71 review

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Epson EX71 review

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Epson EX71 Multimedia Projector review

Ready for action in the office, at home or on the go, Epson EX projectors offer vibrant, true-to-life color for powerful presentations and exciting entertainment options. Enjoy instant setup with one-step USB Plug ‘n Play capabilities from your PC. Maximize your presentation time and minimize your costs with a one-year limited warranty with Road Service, plus an energy-efficient E-TORL lamp that lasts up to 5000 hours.

3LCD technology delivers amazing color and detail. Whether it’s big-screen entertainment or a boardroom presentation, 3LCD technology takes video performance to the next level. Delivering legendary image quality, this innovative technology always ensures powerful visual presentations.
3 chips in every projector for full-time color — With its 3-chip design, 3LCD delivers clear and vibrant images that are so true to life, you may not believe your eyes.
Road-tested reliability — 3LCD technology has been the world’s leading projection technology for 20 years and has consistently been the choice for users who demand long-life performance and reliability.
Energy-efficient light engine — The 3LCD light engine efficiently uses available lamp light to create stunning images. In contrast to 1-chip DLP technology, 3LCD requires 25% less electricity per lumen of brightness.

With WXGA (1280 x 800) resolution, the EX71’s 16:10 aspect ratio allows you to fully utilize the capabilities of your widescreen notebook, giving you 30% more image area than a regular 4:3 projector and 10% more than a 16:9 projector. And, the Epson EX71 still offers the flexibility of displaying 4:3 and 16:9 images, as needed. Furthermore, it displays widescreen, HD video content for the ultimate entertainment experience.

With Epson projectors, your presentations are sure to shine bright. The Epson EX71 delivers 2500 lumens of color light output and 2500 lumens of white light output for rich, colorful images. Whether you’re projecting images with deep, dark colors or a white screen with minimal text or graphics, you get consistent light output. And, with Epson, you can be confident you’re getting what you need because Epson measures white light output according to the ISO 21118 standard, a more rigid standard than the maximum or outdated ANSI lumens rating used by competitive products.

The innovative E-TORL lamp, exclusively from Epson, is a reliable performer that delivers more lumens per watt and lasts up to 5000 hours. Switch the projector to Normal Mode and the E-TORL lamp still produces up to 4000 hours of light performance. The special E-TORL design minimizes both light diffraction and light leakage, providing you the ultimate in lamp longevity. And, E-TORL replacement lamps cost up to $100 less than competing replacement lamps. So, while the E-TORL lamp maximizes your presentation time, it also minimizes your costs. Read more..

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